Side Bangs

Tips on How to Perfect On Your Side Bangs

Side bangs without a doubt are among the hair trends that has never gone out of style. As kids, these hair styles were rocked probably by every generation and they are still trending today.

Great side bangs don’t just come without a little upkeep. They require a lot of upkeep and maintenance, the perfection!

Side bangs flatter any type of face shape and that’s one of the core reason they’re very popular. Apart from that, they allow one to switch from being sweet to looking sexy in a matter of minutes.

Side bangs are also called side fringes.

Below are some of the ways one can perfect on the side bangs

  • Never use face lotion

Forehead moisturizer is a no-no when trying to style your side bangs. No bangs can lay around on a forehead that is well-moisturized for the whole day.

Oil is the number one enemy of fluffy and light bangs. So, therefore, having some oil blotting papers for the forehead’s quick wipe down during the day is advised. Or slathering the forehead at night instead.

  • Blow-dry the side fringes immediately

Before dealing with the side bangs, never dawdle to apply body lotion or makeup. This is because bangs do dry so fast. They also have the tendency to coil themselves into any unpleasant shape they happen to air dry in.

  • Break up the cowlicks

Do this as you blow-dry by simply making use of the correct hair brush. The good bang maintenance’s gold standard is the boar’s hair brush that’s bristle since unlike nylon brush which leaves a lot of gaps in the bangs, the boar’s hair brush bristles are very close together.

The nylon brush has its bristle spaced far apart.

Boar’s hair Mason Pearson brush is a good one to try out. It’s cheap and affordable, $5 only. After getting yourself a good brush, make sure to break up the cowlicks that maybe available so that you allow the hair to fall on the sides just as needed.

This is accomplished by brushing the side bangs in a brisk motion, back and forth. As this is done, blow dry the bangs using the dryer’s nozzle so that air is concentrated right on the bangs before styling them to the side.

Natural bristle brush smoothens and glosses hair like you never imagined. It also ensures that the side bangs fall in on a neat manner.

Styling the side bangs with the best hair appliance you know of, and that has ever been created, like the John Frieda hot air brush is another way to have perfect bangs.

The hot air brush is half blow-dryer, half hairbrush. Which is definitely amazing.

  • Use Dry Shampoo

Prior to even thinking of stepping out, using dry shampoo is very key and should be used immediately after washing the hair and not the day after having the side bangs,

A light dusting of the shampoo in the hair adds fluffiness and volume like never before

  • Use Velcro Roller for Bumping

The roller gives an oomph feeling to the side bangs, and while getting ready, the rollers are a perfect way to keep the bangs out of the way as you thinking on how to style the side bangs.

  • Avoid Touching

Since grease is an enemy of soft, light, fluffy bangs, it’s definitely a handoff no matter the situation.

Perfecting on the side bangs is, therefore, work. And the above methods are sure ways of achieving the perfection.

Examples of Side Bangs

Long Side Bangs

Having both bangs together with the rest of the hair layered so that everything falls into place gracefully is away to perfect on these type of bangs.

Long Bob with Side Bangs

The long bob is an easygoing choice for ladies that have naturally straight hair. Long bob looks enchanting with bangs that are side swept. And it’s one of the styles that go along well with side bangs

Long bobs are capable of being styled in very many ways. To ensure you get a chic and neat look, make sure the locks are perfectly straightened. And you can perfect on long bob with side bangs by adding choppy layers that are sexy, then finishing the look by putting on a shine enhancing hairspray and a pea-size styling mousse dab.

Check out Alterna bamboo shine luminous shine mist, the misty organic hair offers the extra shine that’s needed.

Long Layers with Side Fringe

The very versatile front layers do hit slightly above the nose. And they can be perfected by clipping them completely off the face or styling them into updos.

Long side swept fringes

This hairstyle along with the long side swept bangs is a chic and a sexy option to try out. They are great for cocktail parties, as well as for regular office day.

In order to perfect on this sexy hairdo, a large curling iron needs to be used. Resulting into an irregular, wavy curls that require separation.

Flat iron should be used to straighten the long side bangs then thereafter swept on the one side of the head.

Finally, apply an intense hold hairspray that’s designed for curls to finish up the look. The perfect choice would be Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray, despite being lightweight, it’s long-lasting and keeps the locks untangled.

Side Swept Bangs

For individuals with long and wavy hair, a slick, curly or straightened long side swept bangs can be an option.

To perfect on this type of side bang, first, apply a little amount of hair mousse on the damp hair then add curl cream that enhances. Finally, comb thoroughly,

Next step is to divide the hair into unequal sections, so that emphasis on the long side bangs, the shape is observed. Then finish by applying styling wax or spray gel that will ensure enhancement of the shape of the locks.

Use a flat iron to obtain a sophisticated and stylish look if you prefer side swept bangs that are straight.