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Rogaine for Women Review – Does it Really Work?

Your hair is an expression of your personality and style, not a mere bundle of fibers, and it can be devastating when you find out that you are losing it at an unusual rate. It rapidly becomes a nightmare when you can’t seem to find a hair loss treatment product that actually works for your thinning hair. Rogaine (Minoxidil) is the first and only FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approvedtopical medication for hair regrowth and the question many people like you who are losing their hair is asking is: Does Rogaine for women really work?

Rogaine for Women

RogaineRogaine for Women is a powerful hair loss treatment product applied directly to the scalp to fight against hair thinning and stimulate hair regrowth. It is composed of 2% Minoxidil, 60% alcohol, 20% propylene glycol, and 15% water. The active ingredient in Rogaine, Minoxidil, was accidentally discovered from the prescription hypertensive pills, Loniten then it was produced in the form of a lotion as a hair loss treatment for balding men in 1988. Rogaine for Women was later introduced in 1992 and, since then, it has helped a lot of women battling hair loss and thinning by causing shrunk hair follicles to start growing hair again, and slowing down the speed at which hair follicles shrink.

Description and Benefits

Rogaine for Women has been clinically proven to help majority of women with hereditary hair loss avoid or combat alopecia and there are numerous testimonials online attesting to the effectiveness of the hair loss treatment product.Unlike other hair loss treatment medication, Rogaine for Women aside from stopping hair loss, induces hair regrowth. There are two formula choices of Rogaine for Women and both are as effective as one another; the original formula and the foam formula. The original formula for Rogaine for Women makes use of an applicator for dropping the Minoxidil solution onto the affected area of the scalp, while the foam formula of the product is applied by spreading a capful of the foam on the affected area of the scalp using the hands.

Within 3 to 4 months of applying Rogaine for Women solution or foam to the part of the scalp where hair is thinning, you should start to notice new hair growth – only about half an inch grows per month. These new hair growths are like baby hair – soft and colorless and at first barely visible. However, as you continue to treat your hair with the product, within 6 months, the baby hair would start to blend into the rest of your hair and you would start to see noticeable results in the thickness and fullness of your hair. To maintain the good results, you would have to continue using Rogaine for Women or the hair loss would restart.

Rogaine for Women has various advantages compared to other hair loss treatment options. For starters, it is pain-free compared to Cortisone shots which are injected directly into the scalp. Its side effects are also quite mild and disappear quickly compared to Propecia. Another advantage over other treatment is that it dissolves quickly into your scalp without leaving a greasy residue in your hair, and it is safe to use on permed and colored treated hair.

Testimonials and Reviews

There’s no doubting the effectiveness of Rogaine for Women when it comes to hair loss and thinning. Customer reviews on Amazon, Walmart, Ulta Beauty, rate Rogaine for Women an average of 4 stars. One customer claims thatthe Rogaine for Women gave her back her dignity after a significant hair loss caused by hypothyroidism. She said she has been using the product for more than 3 years and, although more hair fell out, in the beginning, she stuck to it and her hair has since continued to grow. Another user claimed that the foam formula is better and easier to use than the drop, as the drop formula dripped all over her face after application. Testimonials also abound on numerous blogs such as OK, Dani, and My Newest Addiction, confirming the effectiveness of Rogaine for Women. The Rogaine for Women User who shared a review and testimonial on Maple Holistic said that she was nervous to start using Rogaine and opted for natural remedies that ended up not working. Then, when she decided to try out Rogaine for Women, she started to notice baby hair growth within one month of use and after about 8 months the hair got thicker and longer, blending into the rest of her hair. She, like other women who have used Rogaine for Women, claimed to have gotten amazing results.

Additional Information

Rogaine for Women does not work for every woman and if you’re lucky to be part of the 60% it works for, applying more of the product or more often than is prescribed does not speed up the result. However, combining it with a hair loss supplement such as Advecia can produce a more effective result. A natural hair loss supplement, Advecia helps to improve hair growth by taking care of the androgens that destroyhair follicles.

When you start the hair loss treatment with Rogaine for Women, an immediate side effect you will notice is an increase in the shedding of your hair, but, you don’t have to panic. The treatment is simply pushing out the unhealthy hair and it’s a sign that the product has started to work. Other side effects such as irritation, infection, and inflammation of the scalp. However, this side effect resolves after a few days. When you notice severe side effects such as chest pain, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat, stop the use of Rogaine immediately. Also, do not use Rogaine if the skin on your scalp is damaged or sunburned and if you are pregnant.

Buying Advice

Purchase the foam formula of Rogaine for Women on Women’s Rogaine and save up to 30% plus free shipping, or get a $10 rebate when you buy between 1/1/17 and 31/12/17.  They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. RetailMeNot offers a 15% off coupon when you buy the foam formula and a gift with your first time purchase, while Coupon Sherpa offers a $10 off plus free shipping when you buy the drop formula.  You can also purchase the foam or dropformula from several online stores such as Amazon, Walgreens, and Walmart.


Rogaine for Women really works, and it is the best product available for you to combat hair loss and thinning. I strongly recommend that you order a kit today and join the numerous women who have solved their hair loss problem with Rogaine for Women.