Nuxe Oil Review An Overview of the Brand

Nuxe is a brand that produces quite a wide range of beauty products in France. It has made Vitro tests arrangements with a self-governing laboratory which the French Ministry of Research on the patented ingredients has registered.

The company makes its products from all natural ingredients gotten right from nature, a factor that gives Nuxe an unchallenged spot in the industry of cosmetics.

Their products meet authenticity and efficacy, and nature and boldness. Nuxe as a brand also invests in constant inventions in plant-based active ingredients and also innovative cosmetological concepts.

For the brand’s faithful clienteles, the products mean sensuality and luxury since Nuxe products are made abiding by the rigorous clinical tests and high-quality standards.

No synthetic coloring or mineral oils are added while making the Nuxe products, and for the products to be more authentic, they undergo several effectiveness assessments conducted under the supervision of dermatologists.

Nuxe understands women’s needs and thus been able to make products satisfying those needs, this is central to the brand’s unsurpassed international image.

Nuxe products are prepared with imaginative intent and passion, its uniqueness is derived from principles of manufacturing exclusively.

All products comprise natural essential oils that aid in easy effective application and penetration into the skin.

Nuxe has invested immensely in the quality of creation of the products and has been in the continual pursuit of technological inventions.

The Nuxe lab is persistently searching for unidentified virtues of numerous parts of plants and the various discoveries that the laboratory has come up with have been secured by the Nuxe high-class patents.

So is Nuxe Oil Worth the Hype

All Types Skin Nuxe Oil Moisturizers have the following kinds;

  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse— Golden Shimmer Dry Oil Multi Usage
  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse—Body, Face & Hair Dry Oil Multi-Purpose, the original

The first one is spiked with the gold shimmer in order to turn the skin instantly into the bronzed goddess.

A lot of people love products by Nuxe, from its various products like Reve de Miel Lip Balm, which according to a publisher Jessica Anna, in her “A So-Called Beauty Blog” 2016, admits that the lip balm is absolutely phenomenal and its little tub goes for a long time.

Therefore, the product is worth the hype according to her.

Huile Prodigieuse

Nuxe OilIt is the number one selling product in the France pharmacies, dubbed by Nuxe as the incomparable and inimitable cult oil, Huile Prodigieuse is a multitasker that is usable on the body, face, and hair.

According to many of its customers, the oil keeps the skin in a healthy condition, radiant hence earning the designation “Magic Oil”

The Nuxe Oil bottle looks a bit yellow toned, even though no color can be seen on the skin. Its dry texture enables it to be less oily. It’s very much lightweight thus absorbs well into the skin.

The product claims to soften, repair and nourishes the skin and its best used for three years from the date of manufacture.

97.8% preservative free.

Its Pros

  • Free from Silicones and parabens
  • Very impressive ingredients
  • Has a nice packaging and fragrance


  • Expensive in price

What Nuxe Oil Does

The product is a dry oil, therefore, contains very little water or sometimes no water at all, hence doesn’t make the skin shows up as a thick layer, and appear overly greasy, oily or shiny. Instead, it softens, repairs and moisturizes the skin almost invisibly when used religiously.

The Oil sets fairly faster and on the skin, it leaves a sheen, performs well in even during cold seasons thus the dry skinned individuals can rely on the product.

The product smells wonderful and leaves a feeling of a reborn and glowing skin

It is perfect for use during any time of the day thus can be used when and if needed.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse does more than just benefiting the face only but also it benefits the hair and body too which most ladies love since it serves as a multi-faceted oil.

What Nuxe Oil Contain

Ingredients are usually crucial with any nourishing product, and since Nuxe Oil can do a whole much to skin and hair, a full proof of ingredients is needed.

Jessica Anna is definitely comfortable having the oil on her body since it contains 96% natural ingredients.

The 6 main precious botanical oil contained in the product that makes it legendary include St. John’s Wort Oil, hazelnut seed oil, camellia seed, sweet almond oil, borage oil and macadamia oil.

All these provide an appealing look to the skin with improved and maintained healthy feeling and appearance of the skin.


  • Apply it in the evening so that it absorbs through the night, you will experience a plumped soft and hydrated feel in the morning
  • Apply it on top of the serum and hydrating tonic. So that all the hydrating properties are locked in


Nuxe oil is great for the face and dry skin. If used according to the skin requirements, it leaves a well-nourished, extremely soft skin. Additionally, it can be used on the hair and face too.