IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics Review

IT Cosmetics, the IT which is an abbreviation of Innovative Technology is the project and creation of Jamie Kern Lima. Jamie is a former TV news anchor and also a former Miss USA pageant contestant.

The IT Cosmetics was founded in 2008 and ever since the line has attracted a lot of exposure with featured stories and reports on network TV, including prominent discoveries on Dancing with the Stars Show on ABC channel.

The IT line boasts a wide range of standout foundations, color products, concealers, impressive highlighters and much more.

Best Seller IT Cosmetic Products

Superhero Elastic Stretch

Superhero Elastic Stretch

  • 0.3 Fl. Oz
  • Price $24

The volumizing mascara is available in a small tube but it’s all worth it. The product is best for bold rich lashes. The IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara makes perfect long lashes with the correct volume.

The mascara is fragrance-free and envelops the lashes with super lengthening and thickening effect. True to claim, the smudge-resistant mascara hold curls then gives a separated and lifted kind of appearance on the lashes.

The mascara is tenacious and the more coats of it applied, the more results are yielded.


  • Gets the hold of curls and gives a separated and a lifted type of look on the lashes.
  • The mascara builds lengthened and dramatically thick lashes
  • It’s fragrance-free and smudge resistant formula


  • It amazingly has no con yet.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 star rating
  • A customer says that the superhero elastic mascara gives her super long lashes that are super thick and sweeps up to cover every puff on the upper lid.

The mascara makes her eyes appear larger, therefore, she appears more awake. The only downside, she adds, is that a lot of coats leads to clump lashes.

Hello Light Crème

Hello Light Crème

  • 0fl. Oz
  • Price $24
  • 5 stars Rating

The anti-aging luminizing gladdens skin with the pearlescent glow. The fragrance contains a bevy of anti-agers like skin-repairing and antioxidant ingredients making it easy to use and attractive highlighter.

Individuals that have deep skin tone may find the fragrance not blending well with their skin color since the luminizing crème leaves a subtle white cast behind.


  • It’s fragrance-free
  • The creamy product blends on smoothly over or under foundation
  • Easy to use
  • Illuminates the skin with a classy, shimmering finish


  • With darker skin toned people, the subtle white cast can look more obvious.

Customer Reviews

Diana C says that the cream is a great luminizer. A good choice for dry skin. Has perfect glow.

Under Eye Full Coverage

Under Eye Full Coverage

  • 0.28 Fl
  • Price $24

The IT cosmetic gives a full coverage with an anti-aging benefit. And it does not cake up. Anyone with dark circles in the eye should try the concealer since it works great in concealing the circles.

The little tube also lasts for quite some time.

Bye Bye anti-aging and waterproof concealer surely fit the bill on all levels. The waterproof formula guarantees no creases and that it stays put.

The cream has a range of 4 shades that provide suitable methods for the very fair to a deep type of skin tones.


  • Waterproof
  • Comes in shades that are very impressive


  • Tacky texture making application tricky.

Customer Reviews

A 71-year-old with fair to medium skin, wrinkles and under eye circles says this is the best concealer that worked for her.

The IT cosmetic totally lasts all day and it’s worth all the money.

Bye Bye Redness Cream

Bye Bye Redness Cream

  • 0.37 fl
  • Price $32

The redness cream is a correcting skincare cream that’s color-infused, the cream commences its life as the skin calming cream. It completely eliminates redness from the view, all these while delivering a color-correcting, long-wearing full coverage.

It is rich in colloidal oatmeal, anti-aging peptides, aloe, hydrolyzed collagen, and avocado. The product camouflages any skin discolorations that are red-toned including blemishes, rosacea, skin irritations, broken capillaries, scars, sun damage, age spots etc.

The cutting-edge, super-blendable and soothing cream genuinely provide great coverage which never cracks or crease, leading to a youthfully radiant skin.

Single universal shade does it for all the skin tones.

Key Benefits

  • Can be worn under makeup or alone
  • First ever skincare product cream which covers redness
  • Universal shade, great for any skin tone

Customer Reviews

  • Overall Rating 4.4
  • Value 4.3
  • Quality 4.6

KBai admits that the cream saved his self-esteem and that he’s no longer embarrassed about his face being red anymore. And he recommends the cream to anyone.

Another loyal customer admits that she really loves IT cosmetic products since they’re healthy and natural.

Bye bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer

Bye bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer

  • 1.08 US FL
  • $65

This foundation is perfect for all skin types. It allows one have a beautiful, silk and flawless skin.

The very first ever full coverage IT Cosmetics moisturizer truly cares for the skin while covering absolutely everything. The formula has been infused with a proprietary technology called Skin Flex 3D that delivers weightless coverage which lasts the entire day.

It is also proved clinically to enhance the skin’s appearance even after taking it off. It does the following


The ingredients fill in moisture straight deep inside the skin, which helps in treating and correcting an aging skin look. The difference is noticeable within just a period of ten days.


At the skin’s surface, the pigments make a soft-focus, beautiful effect. The flexible pigments are light in weight hence float above wrinkles and lines, giving a natural appearance coverage which can’t crack or crease.


At the top of the skin, the SPF 50+ physical sunscreen helps prevent and protects from radical damage for radiant, healthier and youthful looking body.

Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating 4.1 stars
  • Value 3.7
  • Quality 4.2

Denise says when she began using the product, despite not being a make-up artist, her co-workers got a little curious about what she’s been doing differently. And that’s when she realized that despite the pricey cost of the foundation, she had to continue using it since it was worth it.

Dawn bought the pack and loved the coverage. The skin was much healthier and the product doesn’t clog the pores. He noted.