Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

A woman’s or a lady’s hair is said to be her crowning glory. Hair can indeed over and beyond affect one’s physical appearance. Whether a man or a woman. And most of the time when one changes their hairstyle, a great feeling about themselves is experienced.

Change of hairstyle can literally affect how people view someone. We even have special meaning allocated to certain hairdos for that matter.

One of the very most important factor to consider before getting a hairstyle is the shape of the face we have. A lot of women leave the hairdresser’s place feeling really frustrated because the hairstyle they ended up with is exactly the opposite of what they chose from a magazine.

This happens because in most cases the elegant models with the hairstyles we like in the magazines have different face shapes from those who go to the hairdresser.

Besides face shapes and hairstyles, the hair texture and hair type should also be taken into consideration. Choosing a style that matches the hair texture and type provides room for easy management and also sits well with the proper face shape.

Different Face Shapes and Matching hairstyles.

Hairstyles are all about geometry and shape, thus, these are very vital in framing one’s facial appearance in order to balance the overall shape and look.

We have quite a number of face shapes as below.

Oval face shape

An oval faced person has a slightly narrower shape at the jaw line more than at the temples, and a gently rounded hairline. A well-balanced face shape which is evenly proportioned is what these people have.

Thus, oval-shaped people are quite lucky since they are able to pull off any look. They don’t need to worry much about what hairstyle to choose.

Hairstyles for Oval Shape

Best looks for this face shape are hair styles which;

  • Sweep off the face and expose the ideal facial features.
  • Most oval face shapes look great with slicked-backed looks
  • Long, short, layered or bobbed hair can match their face shape pretty well.

Much depends on the hair quality though, wavy, straight, thin etc. Another factor to consider is which area in your oval shape you need to accentuate.


  • Short layers which add height on top of the head. Since they make the face appear long.
  • If you have thick or curly hair, do avoid blunt cuts.

Heart Shaped Face

The heart-shaped face is wide at the hairline and temples, narrowing to small cheekbones and smaller delicate chin.

People with a heart shape face have great cheekbones to emphasize.

They need to lengthen their faces since it’s more on the width,  so that they aim to create a width around the chins.

Attention needs to be drawn away from the tiny chin and out towards the eyes and forehead.


Best hairstyles for these individuals are any style that has

  • A textured chin-length.
  • Long side swept bangs are preferable
  • The length which frames the jaw line.
  • Keep top layers long and soft
  • Fullness styles from the chin line and below give match this face type very well.
  • Men can consider a chin-length hair, or even longer.


  • Blunt-cut, short and harsh, choppy layers.
  • Short and full styles which emphasize the upper face and severe slicked back looks should be avoided.

Round Face

Round faced people have more round than oval face shapes, with the widest area being at the ears and the cheeks. Cheeks have a kind of a soft fullness with a rounded jaw line.

The length and width of a rounded face nearly happen to be around the same size.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that these people have a fat face like most people tend to believe. Round faces are angelic!


Best hairstyles for a round face are styles that are

  • Swept off the face,
  • Short pixie haircuts that have plenty texture,
  • A longer than the chin cut,


  • Straight blunt bangs hairstyles

Square Face

Square faced individuals have a strong and broad forehead and an angular jaw. Sometimes there exists an equally square hairline. The face sides do appear straight from the temple to jaw bone.


Best hairstyles that suit this kind of people are those which;

  • Create softness,
  • Detract from the square jaw line such as curls,
  • Long layers with soft waves or choppy ends.
  • Nice and thin layers with a short to mid-length cut.


Oblong/ Rectangular Face Shape

The rectangular and oblong shaped faces are about twice as long as they are wide. They are of almost the same width at the forehead as they are at the jawbone.

The main aim is to add width so that the vertical length is minimized.


  • People with this type of face can try short to medium length styles.
  • Side-swept, textured or razored bangs
  • Layered cuts that add softness to the face’s straight lines


  • A lot of height on the head which lengthens the face
  • Blunt bangs

How to determine your face shape

Use a ruler or tape measure for this exercise.

Write down the measurements after each exercise,

  • Measure the face across top of the cheekbones from the end to end
  • Measure the jaw line from the widest to the widest point
  • Measure across the forehead at the widest area. Take emphasis on between the eyebrows and the hairline. It’s normally the widest area.
  • Take measurements from the tip of the hairline to the bottom of the chin.

Knowing your face shape

Oblong; the face is almost twice as long as its width and the jaw line tapers softly.

Heart; the face is widest at the forehead and/ or cheekbones then narrows near the jaw line

Round; face is nearly as long as the width and jaw line more rounded than square

Square; face is roughly as wide as its length and the jaw line more square than round

Oval; the face is equal to nearly 1.5 times the width of the face.