Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prescriptives Friends & Family Savings!

As a newly chosen Prescriptives Passionista (select Px Brand Ambassador), I am so excited to begin sharing what is new with this fabulous brand and help save you some money, too!

THIS WEEK ONLY, as part of the Prescriptives Friends & Family event,  you can save 30% sitewide on everything! Shop www.prescriptives.com to save!

From the revolutionary Custom Blend foundation to Super Line Preventor, *magic Liquid Powder and the other cult favorites, EVERYTHING is included in this savings!

The sale ends this Friday, 4/25 at 11:59 PM EDT, so stock up now!


  1. Hello, is this brand natural? thanks!

  2. Hi Audrey,
    Prescriptives is not considered organic or natural. Most formulations are paraben free. As I have had increasing issues with "natural" makeup, I tend to just stick with paraben free products makeup wise.

  3. Karley, after doing an internet search on Etsy shops and prefabricated ingredients, I came across your 9-2012 blog with your convos with Etsy sellers, and discovering they're not making their products from their own formulations.
    As a cosmetic chemist, formulator and Etsy shop owner, I felt VINDICATION! I've screamed from the rafters to Etsy Inc. these shops are not only lying, they're dangerous! Moreover, it's devastating for other businesses who don't. 50% of my time is spent in research, developing, formulating,as well as challenge testing my products. The competitors can therefore, afford quick turnarounds, and quantitiy sales, investing instead on professionally graphic designed labels and packaging.
    I reported many shops for violating the handmade rule to Etsy last year.The results were harassment, intimidation, and suspensions with no valid reasons by Etsy. After filing a complaint with the Attorney General of New York, Etsy backed down. A year later, I followed up on the Etsy shops I'd reported. Their products are still for sale. In Etsy's reply to me: "while we cannot reveal the results of our investigation, we found the vendor was not violating Etsy's rules". I do not understand, how a product with 100% equal ingredients to a premade base cannot be a violation.Moreover, it can be dangerous, as you pointed out in your blog, and examples with the goat milk lotion. You'd asked what preservative she'd used. Her reply was ther assanine and laughable "grapeseed oil" She actually did have plenty of preservatives in the goat milk pre-made base: Benzophenone, Methylparaben, Propylparabaen [sic] but, because she'd know idea what ingredients do what, she couldn't answer the question. Thank you, thank you again, and I hope you do more on it, soon. I most certainly intend to, as well!

  4. Krista, thank you so much for your nice note! I was nodding my head in agreement the whole time! And I agreed with every single word you said. The very best of luck to you!



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