Friday, July 31, 2015

NEW at Seed Body Care

I have been a loyal (seed) fan for years. I have fallen in love with everything from their Healthy Hand Cream to Body Oil to Therapeutic Hand Scrub. When their Lip Oils launched last summer, I was thrilled to ditch the waxy lip balms I had been using for the super light, yet nourishing Lip Oils. I have both the Therapeutic (Peppermint) and the Smoothing (Vanilla).

There is a new lip oil in the collection and it just launched-- the Soothing Lip Oil. This oil is, like all (seed) products, plant-based. In fact, it is 100% plant-based, free of dairy, gluten, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates soy, etc. It is also cruelty-free and vegan.

The new oil is completely fragrance and flavor free.

I had a chance to try this before it was launched and I love it! It contains moisturizing shea oil and provides lips with a truly silky, supple feel without greasiness.

Oh, and did I mention the other ingredients? This isn't your typical ho-hum lip care product. At just $5 for a generous sized glass roller ball container, you might be surprised to know that this gem is packed with amazing skincare ingredients!

  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Shea Oil
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Raspberry Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E
I absolutely love this product, I apply it twice a day -- morning and night. I do not feel the need to reapply throughout the day, as it is chock full of pampering ingredients for the lips. Have you tried (seed) Lip Oil yet? The new one is divine! If I were you, though, I'd get their brand new Lip Oil Collection! You get all three lip oils for only $12.95.

Social Media & (seed)

While you're over on the (seed) website, check out their blog, which I write each week. Feel free to check out the company's Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook account as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

3 Fast Fixes for Wrinkles

Are you considering making an appointment for Botox or other injectable fillers?  Ladies, before you do, let’s talk about other options.  The cosmetics industry has come far over the years, giving us some really fabulous temporary line and wrinkle fillers. While the visible results are not as long lasting, they are affordable and effective temporary alternatives.

So before you take drastic steps, spackle on a bit of filler. No, it’s not a permanent fix, but it will last throughout the day!

Here are the 3 best temporary wrinkle fillers:

Why I love it: Frownies are unlike other wrinkle fillers.  While others are topical skin care products, Frownies stick to your skin while you are sleeping. Naturally sourced kraft paper and a gentle gum adhesive allow the product to stick to your skin.  They essentially keep your frown lines and eye expression lines from moving, much like Botox does. I was skeptical before I tried them, but they really do provide a temporary line filling effect.  When used the night before a big event, I wake up with any lines smoothed and greatly reduced. These travel very well and can fit right in your bag if you are on vacation.

Why it works: We know that Botox works to paralyze the muscles from moving. Frownies work to prevent -- almost train -- the muscles from moving. While it is not an effect as dramatic as Botox or as long lasting, this product does smooth those expression lines and provides temporary results.

Is this one for you? This is a great concept for people who want to use a wrinkle filler without adding another skin care product to their daily routine. It works well for those who have a big event and want to look more youthful without the pain or commitment of Botox injections.

Why I love it: This does what it says it will do. If you are bothered by lines around the eye and mouth area and would like something to plump up the skin and diffuse the lines quickly, this is a great choice. When you apply it, skin feels tight and firm. A little goes a long way. I find this one to be more effective when it is only used on occasion, because the effect is more dramatic. I like this one if I have a special event to attend and need to see results quickly, even though they are quite temporary.

Why it works: This is a classic filler formula, as it is made with gentle film formers and silicones. Nylon helps to instantly tighten and fill in lines. These are basic ingredients, but they smooth the skin and help give a temporary firmness to the skin.

Is this one for you?  If you have a deeper line or wrinkle you are bothered by and would like to fill it in before you have pictures taken or have an important meeting, this one will be helpful. It can be used by all ages, but is more suited to those with oily skin.

Why I love it: I adore the fact that this product is free of silicones. Silicones are NOT dangerous or harmful to your health, but over time, they may make you look older. You dab it on and see a sublte, immediate effect.

Why it works: Two types of Hyaluronic Acid plump skin and Polymethyl Methacrylate, a benign resin immediately creates that "filled" effect.

Is this one for you? If you are sensitive to silicones or are on the dry side, I recommend this one to help see a temporarily plump, filled in appearance.

Looking for a longer-lasting fix?

Why I love it: If I had to choose only one temporary filler, this would be my favorite. This filler gives gradual, but more lasting results. I am NOT a patient person, but this one deliversreal results. Skin looks firmer and lines are smoothed over. It does so without dryness or flaking off.  What I like most is the fact that the Exuviance filler contains potent anti-aging ingredients, so the appearance of fine lines actually does improve over time.

Why it works: Exuviance is the best luxury dermatologist-developed skincare brand on the market. I have tried Perricone, Peter Thomas Roth, Murad, Dr. Dennis Gross and more, but Exuviance is top-notch. I am NOT affiliated--just a former happy freelancer! This uses Matrixyl, the patented Citrafill, and also includes NeoGlucosamine.

Is this one for you? If you are not on a budget and want a product to deliver long-lasting results which improve over time, head over to Ulta and grab yourself some Exuviance! Go to the Webster store and ask for Nina to help you out.
If you just have a couple of bothersome fine lines you’re trying to hide, temporary wrinkle fillers can be an effective alternative to injectable fillers.  Just remember that these are, indeed, temporary.  Once you stop using them, the lines will return to their annoying visible form.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Spotlight on Manuka Honey

We'e talked about Manuka Honey on the blog here before over the years, but I have never really shared my favorite products containing the ingredient with you.

Manuka honey is not your average honey sold in the squeeze bottles at the grocery store. This unique honey actually comes from bees who feed on the tea tree plant. Manuka honey has been shown to boost collagen levels in the skin, neutralize free radicals, stimulate circulation, and increase skin elasticity. Think of it as the anti-aging honey for your skin. 

Like other honey varieties, Manuka honey is antibacterial. While the traditional clover honey you can readily buy at the grocery store has very limited antibacterial abilities, research shows us that Manuka is both antibacterial and antibiotic (please do not think that means you can have a spoon of it to replace a trip to the doc for antibiotics for illness).

Manuka honey contains an abundance of a compound called methylglyoxal  (MG). The amount of MG in this honey makes it truly beneficial. Look for products with the label "Active Manuka Honey" or pharmaceutical grade for the best quality. 

I have several products with Manuka Honey I have tried & tested and can wholeheartedly recommend. 

The Beauty Blogger's Manuka Honey Favorites

Perfectly Posh Honey Dip Chunk is my *MOST FAVORITE* bar of soap on earth. I am so happy I found it. It has a rich and sweet creamy honey aroma (phthalate-free fragrance) and is fortified with Green Tea,  The chunk bar is HUGE, weighing it at 7 ounces.  This indulgent bar is triple-milled and the honey (from New Zealand)  has been certified for pharmaceutical use. Best. Honey. Soap. Ever.

Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Manuka Nourishing Body Lotion is my most favorite honey lotion. It is lightweight and non-greasy and sinks right into the skin, drenching it in moisture all day long. This lotion from Dermstore also contains luxurious royal jelly.

Ardency Inn Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments  are really lovely! These shadows are as smooth as satin and are formulated with Manuka honey. It makes for an ultra creamy -- but not cakey -- shadow. Find them at Sephora.

Ultra sensitive skintypes will adore the Miracle Skin Transformer Skin Soothing Creamy Oil. It contains both licorice root and Manuka honey, making this THE PERFECT product for dry skin Rosacea sufferers.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Toxic Trend: Skin Lightening

Skin whitening has been going on in Asia for centuries, tracing its days back to ancient Japan and China. To many cultures, having a porcelain, milky complexion represents beauty and nobility.  Historically, the story was that the poor women who had to work in the fields and were exposed to the sun had darker skin, while wealthy women were able to stay indoors, keeping their skin pale.
Women in this part of the world often feel immense pressure to have pale skin.  For example, surveys show that more than 75% of men in Malaysia equate pale skin with beauty.
The quest to achieve white skin has a long history and continues today, even though research shows us that the ingredients used in skin whitening are dangerous–even deadly. In fact, according to Global Industry Analysts, the skin whitening industry may be a $76 million a year industry by the end of 2015.
Ironically, in the United States, women with a glowing tan are often viewed as more beautiful or more healthy.  We know that this extreme is dangerous as well because tanning caused by UV exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer and premature aging.  The opposite is the case for many women in Southeast Asia who are literally dying to have milky white skin. 
 From using products with toxic ingredients to actually putting household bleach on the skin, many women are truly desperate to achieve this beauty ideal. I first became aware of this "trend" 15 years ago. I remember it clearly, as I was doing the makeup of a beautiful bride on a chilly May day. We had done a practice run weeks before and I found it peculiar that she was unhappy with her flawless, slightly olive skin. She kept telling me, "I want your color skin." I was uber pale. Porcelain, to be more accurate. She said that she would be beautiful if she had white skin.
A typical skincare cream cannot lighten or whiten the skin. There are specific ingredients in these products which are potent enough to be able to alter the melanin in the skin. The products are called “skin bleaching” creams with good reason: the ingredients are strong enough and harmful enough to alter the color of your skin.
Hydroquinone is one popular ingredient used in skin whitening creams. It is now under great scrutiny by the FDA and is banned in the European Union, Japan, and Australia amid concerns that it may cause cancer.
Mercury has also been found in multiple skin whitening products.  Over the past two years, creams around the world have been tested, revealing high levels of mercury.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “the main adverse effect of the inorganic mercury contained in skin lightening soaps and creams is kidney damage.”  In addition to kidney damage, mercury can cause psychological issues, damage to the nervous system, and even death.
Glutathione is now being used intravenously to whiten the skin.  While this ingredient is often used in nutritional supplements to help with metabolism, there have been many warnings about Glutathione being injected into the bloodstream.  The FDA has warned that glutathione used to whiten the skin can cause severe abdominal pain, kidney damage, and thyroid damage.
These are not the only ingredients used to whiten the skin.  Heavy dosages far above the recommended level of Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid are commonly used and are linked to cancer.  Steroids are used by women in their quest to achieve what their culture deems the sign of real beauty, causing a whole host of side effects.
Until women begin to accept — and love — the skin they were born with, the epidemic of skin whitening will continue.  Changing a society’s perception of beauty and educating a population on the risks also are needed to bring about real change.
Skin whitening may be an age old tradition, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t deadly.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to get rid of spider veins naturally

Spider veins.  They can truly have a negative impact on a woman’s self esteem. This condition affects nearly half of the population.  If you often find yourself covering up with long pants and skirts, even on summer’s hottest days, these tips may be for you.  

Here are ten ways to get rid of spider veins naturally.

1. Elevate your legs.

This is crucial.  When you are seated, be sure not to cross your legs. Elevate them on an ottoman or step stool as much as you can while seated.  This is important for regulating blood flow in the legs and improving circulation.

2. Get a massage.

Not only are massages a relaxing treat, but they may improve your spider veins.  Poor circulation is related to spider veins and we know that getting regular massages can improve your circulation. That’s why massages can be an excellent remedy for this condition. If possible, schedule a Swedish massage on a monthly basis.

3. Cayenne pepper (Capsicum)

One of the most popular homeopathic remedies for spider veins involves the use of cayenne pepper. Anecdotal evidence suggests that mixing a spoon of cayenne into water and drinking it daily may bring relief because of cayenne’s effect on circulation. Cayenne pepper is also found in skin care products! My favorite one is Perfectly Posh Hot Pepper ShaBang Body Butter. This cocoa butter-based muscle rub features Capsicum, along with soothing aloe vera and may be worth a try for your pesky spider veins.

4. Exercise!

Movement benefits all of us.  Whether it be riding a bike, swimming laps or taking a walk, exercise is essential to well being.  It gets your circulation moving, which helps improve spider veins.  These low impact exercises above use your legs, which will help prevent these unsightly veins from reappearing.

5. Support hose may help.

Compression stockings aren’t exactly fashion forward, but they may greatly improve this condition. Plus, they are readily available at your neighborhood drugstore.  They gently add pressure and get the blood flowing in the legs to help get the problem under control. It is an affordable, painless, and effective way to treat spider veins.

6. Be sure you’re at a healthy weight.

If you are overweight, try to shed some pounds slowly and in a healthy manner.  Not only will getting down to your ideal weight improve your overall health and self esteem, it may also help with your spider veins. If you are overweight, you are adding stress to your legs and feet, which both contribute to spider veins.

7. Make an apple cider vinegar compress.

You can soak towels in a small basin of apple cider vinegar and wrap your legs in the towels.  You can also apply as a compress.  Why? The vinegar can help calm swelling, inflammation, and pain caused by spider veins.  We recommend chilled vinegar, as anything warm applied topically may make the problem worse.

8. Apply witch hazel.

Witch hazel is a cooling ingredient and when it is applied to the spider veins with cotton balls, it can help reduce the pain and swelling.  Witch hazel also has astringent properties, making it an excellent choice for spider veins. Simply apply to a fresh cotton ball and pat onto affected areas.  This is one of the best ways to soothe the discomfort that goes along with this condition.

9.  Consider Gotu Kola extract.

You know me. I love natural remedies, but I also need evidence and science when it comes to ingredients. This one I was not sure whether to include, but if you take supplements, you may want to give this a whirl. Gotu Kola has been used for thousands of years to treat many conditions.  It is well known for treating conditions related to veins and circulation, making it a prime choice for spider veins.  In fact, if you do an online search for this natural extract, you will find thousands of testimonials for people saying that their spider and varicose veins were cured by taking Gotu Kola.

10.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Skin care experts are quick to recommend sunscreen usage for many reasons.  Using sunscreen can also help to prevent spider veins.  Sun damaged skin and increased exposure to the sun actually make existing spider veins look much worse.  Be sure to protect your skin from the sun.  In doing so, you will help reduce the appearance of spider veins at the same time.

My top 3 sunscreen picks:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Perfectly Posh Haircare Review!

I have had access to some incredible hair care products through this blog. I've tried Rahua, Phyto, Bumble & Bumble, Monat, Fekkai, Wen and more.

My own personal hair care favorites that I still use, will continue to use and recommend: Original Moxie R and Co. Briogeo, Trader Joe's & Jason. There is NO reason you cannot have more than one hair care product to love!

My shower hair care staples right now are from Perfectly Posh:

I used:

Boom Bar
It's Deep

Boom Bar rocks my world. It is so invigorating. It wakes me up in the shower and there is a fabulous blend of sugar, salt and peppermint. This is not a bottled shampoo. It is a bar that you lather in your hands prior to massaging into the scalp. 9 times out of 10, bar shampoos leave my hair greasy, coated and limp. Not Boom Bar. It makes my hair bouncy and full of life without being weighed down. It makes my scalp tingle -- in a super good way -- and it leaves my hair manageable. Best of all, I only need to use this every other day!

It's Deep is my FAVORITE conditioner on the planet. It deeply moisturizes without feeling heavy at all. I swear by this ever since I tried a sample in December! It contains shea butter and sunflower seed oil and just feels fabulous whenever I use it.

No tangles either -- I use my Wet brush, which lives up to its claim of being "the best detangling brush ever."

Tousled is an amazeballs sea salt spray. I spritz it in my almost dry hair, mess up my hair a bit, dry some more and am good to go! I would compare this to other sea salt sprays I have enjoyed in the past, such as Olivene Atelier and Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

Do you suffer from Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition affecting more than 16 million Americans. Many sufferers don't even know they have Rosacea, so awareness is key. Do you have the following symptoms?
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Skin tends to flush easily and it often looks like you’re blushing
  • Swelling of the eyelids and watery eyes
  • Soreness and itching of the skin
  • Bumpy and rough skin texture
  • Pus-filled pimples
  • Skin is almost always red and inflamed

If you’re experiencing two or more of the above symptoms, you should visit a dermatologist because you may be suffering from Rosacea. There is still no exact cause of Rosacea, despite years of research. While we don't know the cause, there are several known triggers. Being aware of these triggers and avoiding them may help to reduce Rosacea flare-ups.
Beat the heat
Hot, humid weather can aggravate Rosacea. The heat tends to promote flushing and redness, so avoiding it when possible can help keep flare-ups at bay.  People also find that sweating and overheating due to exercise can make things worse. Even relaxing spa treatments such as saunas and steam rooms are common triggers, so they should be avoided.
Food and drink culprits
Certain foods and drinks can wreak havoc on Rosacea symptoms, so knowing these triggers will be beneficial. Spicy foods made with aromatics such as curry and cayenne can make your flushing worse, as can alcohol. Hot beverages such as coffee, tea and cocoa also may lead to more redness and irritation.
Read your product labels
Skincare products often contain harsh ingredients known to contribute to flare-ups. Menthol, camphor, alcohol, peppermint, clove and eucalyptus are all common Rosacea triggers found in skincare.
Be 'scentsible'
Synthetic fragrance is a common contributor to the side effects of Rosacea. Yet, it is hard to avoid. From perfumes and shower gels, to shampoos and laundry detergents, fragrances are everywhere. Avoiding anything with artificial fragrance that comes into direct contact with your skin will be helpful. Look for fragrance free personal and laundry care items and see if using them rather than their scented counterparts makes a difference in your skin.
Sun smarts are essential
Sun exposure is considered the number one Rosacea trigger, so protection is key. Wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen will not only help to prevent a sunburn, but it also will help prevent flushing and redness. Thirty minutes before you head outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen to all exposed skin to help minimize UV damage.
Find your moment of zen
Emotions -- good and bad -- are known to exacerbate Rosacea flare-ups. Something as innocent as laughing can trigger flushing just as much as crying or yelling. Many Rosacea sufferers also find that being embarrassed can literally have them seeing red. While we are not suggesting you ignore your feelings, trying to find a sense of balance and calm can help prevent flare-ups caused by extreme emotions. While there is no cure for Rosacea, knowing and avoiding the most common triggers may help keep redness, irritation and flushing at bay.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The 5 Best Beauty Buys from Groupon

Psst. I have a secret. A savings secret! 

Did you know that you can use Groupon Coupons to save money or get freebies with your skincare and beauty purchases? It's true!

I know my friends and I use Groupon for deals on pizza or mini golf or things like that, but to get deals on beauty products we'd be shopping for anyway is a huge perk. And the brands and retail outlets featured are ones that all beauty lovers already flock to.

In healthy and beauty, you'll find some really fantastic offers. I am here to share The Beauty Blogger's Favorite Groupon Deals!

1. Juice Beauty has offers on Groupon -- we've talked about the Green Apple Peel here on this blog several times over the past 8 years. Before you order anywhere else, be sure t check out the website's offers because you can get some great extras!

2. Sally Beauty Supply also has deals on Groupon! In fact, as I type this, there is a $5 coupon code available to snag. My favorite summertime product is their Ion Swimmer's Shampoo. I swear by this to prevent the dreaded chlorine-induced green tinge that the pool usually gives me.

3. Yves St. Laurent is one of the luxury beauty brands you will find with special offers on Groupon. Need an YSL recommendation? Go for one of the couple cult favorites: Touche Eclat and Faux Cils. They won't let you down!

4. Ulta is over on Groupon and you'll find both online promo codes to save money and in-store coupons that you can print out or scan from your smartphone. While you're at Ulta, I recommend checking out the Hollywood & Highlight from Smashbox, Butter nail polish and Exuviance's brand new water-light sunscreen.

5. Sephora is a participating store on Groupon as well. This is, of course, on every beauty junkie's list. Their special offers right now include freebies of mascara and CC cream.

How about you? Do you use Groupon Coupons? If you don't you're truly missing out! With almost 9000 stores participating, there are definitely deals to be had. Oh, before I forget to mention it, Groupon Coupons are NOT just for beauty! You will find TOMS, Vitacost, and many other favorite brands of The Beauty Blogger on the website. Head on over and START SAVING!


5 benefits of having a consistent skincare routine

There’s something comforting about my bedtime beauty routine. Once I massage my facial cleanser (Humboldt Soap Company Egg White Face Soap) into my skin, it is as if I am washing away any stress from the day. Those few minutes spent on pampering actually come with other perks. In fact, there are several benefits to having a consistent skincare routine.

1. Your skin will be in better condition.
You change the oil in your car every few months in order to properly maintain it. You know that routine maintenance is a priority to extend the life of your car. You need to respect your skin the same way.
For many of us, we skip steps in our routine because we think it’ll take too long. We are all stretched for time. Once you find the right products, you'll soon realize that it only takes about 5 minutes to do your face. Faithfully keeping a skincare routine will help to treat wrinkles, prevent acne & improve the clarity of you skin.
2. Your skin will work harder for you.
It might sound silly, but it’s true. When you take care of your skin, your skin will take care of you.  Did you know that your skin is actually working hard while you sleep to regenerate? Cell turnover is faster at night and this allows your products to do their job more efficiently. If you are careful and make a point to cleanse your skin and remove your makeup every night, your skin will be better able to repair itself, while treatment products and moisturizers will absorb more deeply.
I cannot say enough about the Perfectly Posh Vitamin C Fairy Brightening Serum. It is under twenty bucks and chock full of anti-aging ingredients! I use this before bed and follow with Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion when I am feeling dry and for my more combo skin days, I love Posh's Moisturize 911.
3. Your youthful glow will start to come back.
Dullness. At some point, most of us will notice a decrease in skin radiance. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. If you make exfoliation a regular part of your skincare routine, you’ll get your glow back. Cell turnover slows down as we age, so it’s important to help the process along so our skin can shed dead cells. Perfectly Posh offers a super high quality microdermabrasion scrub called Shine Bright Like a Diamond to effectively slough top layers of the skin, yet it is gentle enough for all skin types. By exfoliating that top layer of skin, over time your skin will look fresh and healthy once more.
4. With consistency comes visible results.
How many of you have purchased the latest skincare item promising results only to use it a couple of times before declaring it ineffective? People get so caught up in the notion of miracle ingredients or finding the fountain of youth that they expect instant results. Dramatic results will not happen overnight. It can often take weeks of consistent use for noticeable results to happen. The key to seeing those changes is to stick to your skincare routine.
5. Those results you’re beginning to see? They will be easier to maintain.
I like to think of a skincare routine like an exercise routine. When you first start your exercise routine, you might not see results those first few days. Once your routine is established, you take notice. You’ll begin to think, “Wow. Look at the definition in my waist.” When you stick with that exercise plan, you’ll continue to notice changes in your body and if you keep at it, you will be able to maintain those changes. The same is true with a consistent skincare regimen. Your skin will continue to look healthy and refreshed as long as you don’t give up on the routine.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Glossique Nail Deco Review

I am no stranger to nail wraps. I have tried the original -- Minx -- as well as hundreds and hundreds of Jamberry Nails nail wraps while I was a consultant for 21 months, most of those in leadership. I've used nail stickers and Sally Hansen, Incoco and Essie, as well as Avon and So Gloss. I know there are others, but these are the ones that come to the top of my head. From August 2013 through May, I used no others but Jamberry.

I have had so many to try over the years, but while I was a consultant I opted not to do so. Now that I am not affiliated with any nail wrap companies, I have had the chance to try some others out -- including Glossique Nail Deco.

After experiencing peeling, sore, breaking nails, I took a several week hiatus between nail wrap applications. I had to get them back to a healthy and strong state. Here is what they looked like a few weeks ago. Thankfully, (seed) Fragrance Free Hand Cream and Perfectly Posh Cuticle Cutie -- and time -- repaired my nails.

When I was introduced to Glossique, I was extremely skeptical. "No heat? No way." My previous experience with nail wraps not needing heat was really unimpressive. The heat is typically used to form a better bond to the nail. And I was worried that I would experience a setback in my nail growth and strength. Plus, to be frank, Jamberry holds an INCREDIBLY SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART. I did not even want to LIKE another brand.

Back to my experience with Glossique. No heat is needed, none was used, and my wraps still lasted very well without lifting, bubbling, getting little uneven spots. I removed mine at 7 days ONLY because I wanted to choose a different pattern. They were still on securely and I believe they would have lasted a few more days.

Glossique Nail Deco nail wraps are formaldeyde free, paraben free,  made in America (in Minnesota) and are cruelty free. There is no detectable odor. Also, unlike many others, they do not dry out. Sally Hansen, for example, is wasteful because you have to open the whole package to use. These are on a sheet (19 per sheet) and you remove each wrap as you use them.

 Like other nails wraps, they are vinyl with a polyacryalate adhesive & silicone.

Gypsy Story is a favorite of mine!

Juicy Apple is lots of fun, too!

Glossique comes in TWO sizes. This is a game changer, as it is available for ALL wraps designs. You can choose Regular or Petite. Both work for me, although Petite is best as I do have smaller nails beds.

You just pick a size, cut in half and then peel off and apply to your prepped nails. Glossique advises using acetone to make sure your nails are well-prepped. I confess that I just washed my hands with Dawn (blue) liquid dish soap and then swiped clean with an alcohol pad. The wraps applied with great ease and I did my fingernails in about 5 minutes and a pedicure in less than 10.

Like I said, I was REALLY worried about longevity without heat. These stood up to gardening and heavy duty closet cleaning, as well as packing and taping moving boxes. I scrubbed the bathroom floors and tile with them, the messy lasagna pan, and more. No chips. No peeling. No lifting. No fraying.

You do NOT need to file these at all. You just trim. Glossique offers their own nail scissors. I used my own nail clippers and then smoothed one rough tip (my own fault) with my glass file.

To remove, you can gently peel off side to side. I was VERY skeptical, as that is not how I typically remove nails wraps. Even doing so "properly", I tend to have nail damage. HOWEVER, these peeled right off and the couple sticky spots that remained I was able to swipe right off with nail polish remover.

My final thoughts:

I highly recommend Glossique. My experience with customer service has been really lovely. In fact, I need to say something. I debated whether or not to add this, but I just have to. Looking over at the Glossique Facebook page, I see some REALLY unprofessional posts from consultants at a competing company. Not only are they posting links to their own personal websites, they are being rude about the new product on the marketplace. Their tone is snippy. When you click their names, you can see that they represent another company. Here's the thing: COMPETITION is a good thing. It is NATURAL. Just as Jamberry was not the first nail wrap on the market (nor is it the last), there are companies out there. Wouldn't it be BORING if there were only one coffee brand you could buy? Or what if you could only drive a Ford? Having competition is not bad! So instead of posting things that give the impression that you lack grace and integrity, how about "Good luck with your new company. I also love nail wraps!"

I am a consultant with Perfectly Posh. I ***LOVE*** the products. Would I go to a competing site and badmouth them? Would I jump on a company's corporate Facebook page and post my own link? No. Why? Because it is UNPROFESSIONAL.

My cousin and two of my friends sell Lemongrass Spa. Technically, you could say that Posh and Lemongrass are competitors. You know what? Lemongrass Spa makes some fabulous products, too. I have used them and I have blogged about them.

My point is that the powers that be over at Glossique have handled these unfortunate posts with kindness, respect and professionalism. THAT is how you run a business. 

The bottom line here: Do I adore Glossique? YES. I am pleasantly surprised! I am impressed. The wraps are nice and they are very gentle on my nails.

To buy: You order from their website, where wraps sell for $13 per sheet and the shipping is free if you spend $50 or more.

Glossique offers a very generous return policy: 30 day money back guarantee and 90 days for a credit.

Head over to and tell them The Beauty Blogger sent you! 

Disclosure: I was sent nail wraps at no cost for possible review, like with most of my review posts. I received no monetary compensation for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.